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Teen Driver Video Advances Lifesaving Mission

Impact Teen Drivers is a California-based nonprofit dedicated to reversing the No. 1 cause of death among teenagers: reckless and distracted driving. With backing from the California Highway Patrol, safety officials and educators, ITD wanted to spread its message – that teenage driving deaths are 100-percent preventable – in the most effective way possible. That’s why it turned to AMF Media Group.

Recognizing that student athletes are some of the most influential peers among teens, AMF created a straightforward, achievement-oriented video aimed at motivating kids to focus on safe driving with the same intensity they bring to the football field or basketball court. A friendly but no-nonsense coach delivers his message clearly and convincingly, in sports lingo and a fieldhouse tone that equate safe driving practices with success.

The coach’s pep talk segues into a heart-rending sequence on the death of a popular young athlete as recounted by his girlfriend, others who were with them in the car, and his grieving mom. The survivors, some of whom were seriously injured, give moving testimony of their loss.

At the end, the coach returns, again commanding attention as he repeats his rundown on safe driving essentials. It’s a visually compelling video that covers much emotional ground in a short time, touchingly and with respect and empathy for the victims, while giving kids real tools to use, whether they’re behind the wheel or passengers. AMF brought to bear consummate skill, style and sensibility in delivering this lifesaving message.

You can check out the video Here.